15 ‘Long Pixie Cuts’ To Try

The days where you had to worry about extensions are long gone. It is the age of the fine chop now. It is easy to manage and style. It looks absolutely great and there are many versions for you to choose from. The world of the pixie cut is absolutely awesome and we bet that you are going to like it.

We have included 15 of the best pixie cut style that we could find. Of course, there are others in the market but we only included the most popular ones. Go through the list and decide whether the pixie cut is something you can commit to or not.

Long Pixie Cuts

15 Long Pixie Cuts to Try No Matter Your Styling Skill Level

Pixie cuts are cute and chic at the same time. How it manages to do so is beyond our imagination but it is what it is and we absolutely love it!

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Here is the list of 15 Long Pixie Cuts to Try No Matter Your Styling Skill Level. Without any delay, let’s start with the first one, and yes, they are all named after Hollywood celebrities.

1. Zendaya

Zendaya has been spotted with many looks that have made us go blind. But she once spotted a dirty blonde pixie cut that is nearly not talked about enough or given any attention. It is criminally underrated. It was beautiful and stacked. We can not get enough of it. She definitely looked stunning in that hair do.

2. Joey King

Joey King had to shave her head for a role so she has to go through an awkward in-between growth period. But still, that does not stop her from being in style and looking absolutely gorgeous. She styled her hair with a small curling iron. The trick is that you do not go for perfection and allow each curl to curl in its own way.

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If that makes any sense. We Absolutely love it and think that it will even look very beautiful with light hair. The shorter hair people can definitely go for this style. It is so clean and beautiful that people will be in awe of your looks.

3. Rihanna

Of course, we had to put Rihanna in here. What are you talking about?  Don’t you remember her iconic pixie cut phase? It is iconic for a reason. And trust us when we say that we had a debate trying to decide which version of the pixie cut is the best for Rihanna.

Of course, the conclusion was that they are all perfect but we decided to include this natural curly look which looks great on everyone. The wet look with her tousled hair is something that will turn heads. Wear statement jewelry with it and you are ready to slay.

4. Kate Moss

Kate Moss has long pixie cut hair with long bangs. This one gives off a certain supermodel vibe. This is also a vintage look. So you need to understand that what happens you put the supermodel vintage look together. Magic, that’s it, magic happens and we love it.

WW absolutely loves it. We can’t get enough. I’m willing to change my own hairstyle to this. If you are also a fan of this style, do not delay getting it.

5. Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller has been doing a lot of pixie cuts over the years. She has this cool-girl aesthetic long sorted out and we must say that this particular style of a pixie cut is increasing and complimenting that aesthetic. You just need to get a regular pixie cut, part it through the middle and flip the ends however you like.

6. Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington has a side-swept pixie cut style. So if you want to achieve that then you would require some texturizing cream. It will help you set your hair and also get that desires texture. There are many good such creams available in the market. It is not messy, it makes you look that you have fabulous hair without even trying.

7. Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie never plays by the standard rules. She makes her own rules. That’s what we love about her. It is kind of her M.O and we absolutely love it. This look is chic and simple and does not require much effort. If you have short fine hair then get a chop like Nicole Richie and pair it up with a short tuck behind the ear hair along with long side-swept fringes.

8. Maria Borges

With sided shorts and longer pieces on the top, the number of ways you can style it is absolutely mind-blowing. Maria Borges has done this with her hair and we do not need to tell you that it looks absolutely great and gorgeous. It is chic and stylish, what’s not to love!

9. Janelle Monae

Janelle Monae is a certified beauty risk-taker. She has experimented with her hair on many occasions. We can’t say that she has gone wrong with this one. The look at the red carpet with the side-parted chin-length hair is absolutely mesmerizing. If you are a person who likes your natural hair like Janelle Monae then you are going to love this style too.

10. Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway is probably the queen of pixie cut style. She has worn that pixie cut so well that we are absolutely in awe. The fact that she has a normal and simple pixie cut is what baffles us all. How the classic could become such a sensation is beyond our limits.

We love this look on her and we bet you are thinking of chopping your hair, right about now. We won’t blame you for that because honestly, we are the same. You need to find the right products to style your pixie cut though.

11. Ruth Bell

Ruth Bell has gone with a lot of short hairstyles and we love this look on her. The tousled hair as if she has just stepped out of a shower along with the platinum blonde hair is a treat to the eyes. The fact that she looks so stunning and effortlessly chic is what draws us to this style and we want it for ourselves too. This style was a must include in the list.

12. Julianne Hough

Who said that pixie cut is only cute and not sexy? Certainly not Julianne Hough.  Have you seen her picture with this cut? We do not have words to describe how beautiful it is. That color and the side-swept bangs are taking all our hearts. The styling is on point and on fleek. The look is complemented by her makeup. We hope you are taking notes.

13. Winona Ryder

We have all seen Winona Ryder with her pixie cut and we have all fallen in love with it. It is so adorable and suits her perfectly. If you wake up one day hating the idea of doing your hair then we suggest that you get this cut. It’s easy to maintain and you can style it within minutes. This is the best thing that there can be.

14. Ruby Rose

Everyone has a crush on Ruby Rose okay? That’s a universal fact and you can not convince us otherwise. She rocked the pixie cut like no one else and nothing before. Her pixie cut look is her signature look. You need to have long tops and clean-cut sides to get this look. This is a red carpet staple for ruby rose, not that we are complaining or anything. We love to see her in this iconic look.

15. Robin Wright

She has been wearing her dirty blonde hairstyle for decades. But her pixie cut is something worth mentioning. It is simple and sweet. You can style it as you want. Even dark-haired people can go after this style. It is versatile and useful. We love to and we sure you will too.

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Yes, it was a long article but we hope it was fruitful. We tried our best to include the best ones in this article but the world of pixie cut style is huge. If you did not find your style in this article then you should go check out the other styles available they are also all equally beautiful and chic.

Obviously, research is important before you get the cut. If you get a certain cut you are not satisfied with but then later realize that there was something better and more up your style out there then you will regret it. We do not want that to happen so we advise you do your homework first.

Thank you for reading this article. Do recommend this to others who are considering cutting their hair short, be it friends or family. Everyone deserves a good hair cut. Have a nice day!

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