19 Best ‘Watercolor Tattoos’

It’s no new trend. People have always had an affinity for tattoos. Watercolor tattoos are the new favorites in town. They are all works of art and look so beautiful. Watercolor tattoos can be used in many ways which can all create a  unique tattoo.

So we brought you an article about watercolor tattoos and their different styles. You can choose one of your likings and then get it inked.

19 Watercolor Tattoos That Are Stunning Works of Art

So without any further ado let’s get right into the list. The list is long so buckle up and enjoy the ride. We made sure to include everything for everyone.

Watercolor Tattoos

1. Swipe Right

These tattoos look very realistic. It is always done in great detail and looks like real paint. It is incredibly extraordinary and the trend is rising nowadays. It is definitely worthy of taking the first spot in this article. There are different color combos that you can go for.

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2. Aced It

Watercolor tattoos have the drip and splash effect. This one also uses this effect as most watercolor tattoos do. It allows a little freedom to the tattoo artist by going outside the line. The colors used are vibrant and pretty. The tattoo style is definitely great since it portrays the 4 suits in a deck of cards.

3. Blue Clue

It is common knowledge that your tattoo will fade over time. The ink pigments are broken down by our own body as time passes. But if you take the right care then it can last a long time. This style of tattoo uses bright blue colour. Different shades of blue is used and might we say that it looks absolutely stunning. It looks like a piece of watercolor painting.

4. Bear

The outline of a bear is drawn in black. Then splashes of color is added. If you can not decide on a colour then stick with the shades of blue, pink and purple and you can not go wrong. Try to stay away from the orange and yellow colour group because it can clash with the skin tone.

5. Abstract Lines

When you are using multiple colors, you need to plan it beforehand. It is a huge deal to pick your colors properly. Some colors can bleed out, some just do not go with your skin tone while others can cause an allergic reaction. Ask your tattoo artist for advice on this.

6. Words of Wisdom

This one is for those who are into quotes. If you are that person then look into it. Just simply inking the quote on your skin is plain and boring, why not add a little color to it? Use the watercolor tattoo technique to add in that splash of color that will make your quote even more beautiful. It grabs the attention of the people and also draws them to the quote.

7. Prism Points

Prism points are also in fashion nowadays. More and more people are getting this inked. If you are into the prism effect then this one is for you. It is beautiful and unique. If you are into prisms, you will like this.

8. Graphic Art

Graphic art has a lot of ways to go around. You can pick one of your choice or you can take recommendations from your tattoo artist. It is unique and in style nowadays. If you are into graphic art then you will like this one too. Each graphic art tattoo is unique.

9. All Around

If you are concerned about your tattoo fading then you should get it in a place where the sun won’t fall directly on it. You should also go for darker colors to prevent fading. This all-around style is simple yet beautiful. It is basically an imperfect circle that looks as if its done in one brush stroke. A gradient is also seen in most of them.

10. All Angles

This one is another unique tattoo design. It is said that you can customize this design however you want. It is probably best if you go off a mixture of soft and bold colors using this but however, it is totally up to you and your preference. Most people go for a triangle. You can go for some other shape too.

11. Color Theory

This is a forearm piece. Of course, you can get it in other places but it looks the best on your forearm. It is just a play of colors. Different shades of colors are used in this tattoo and the spectrum is created in such a beautiful way that it s guaranteed to attract the attention of the people. The colors are selected in such a way that they complement each other.

12. Wave Rider

Like the name states, it is a wave. Now you can go for a single tone of colour using this style but it is advised that you pick dual colors at the latest. The contrast looks great and the tattoo pops out more. Also keep in mind the tone of your skin and the tones you are choosing. Stay away from yellow orange and brown tones. Use blue, purples and maybe pink.

13. Circle, Circle

This is an abstract piece. It is not a perfect circle. Instead, this tattoo uses different stokes of different colors to form a circle. The piece put together is absolutely stunning and it is bound to draw attention. The flurry of colors is absolutely breathtaking and we suggest that you give this a try. We liked this concept of colors very much and had to include it on the list.

14. World Power

This will always remain a personal favorite. The world map is inked on your skin in black and then splashes of color is added to the background. It can look simple but it can take a lot of time to get this tattoo done. It’s very beautiful nonetheless. So take some time and then go to get your tattoo done.

15. Tiny Dancer

I think the name suggests the tattoo itself. It is a tiny dancer on your body! You can go with any posture or any style that you want. There are usually a number of dancing girl tattoo templates readily available at the tattoo artist but you can always take one with you. The seemingly simple tattoo get much detail.

The colour used in this tattoo is preferably something bold to make the tattoo pop out even more. Most people go with a ballerina for some reason.

16. Neon Lights

Well well well, we are finally starting this one. We can not express how beautiful this one looks. If you are into neons then this one is for you. A black background pops up every color.

So usually such neon lights tattoos are done on a back inked base. It’s the whole purpose is to pop out the colors and the tattoo as a whole. There are different styles with different color combinations available.

17. Pastel Party

We love pastels so we had to include this in our list. It is absolutely perfect in every single way. You can just draw some lines in pastel on my skin and I will be perfectly happy with it. Pastels are new in trend and they always take away the show.

An abstract design on the forearm in pastels is a great tattoo idea but it is not for the faint of heart or for people who go for minimalistic. One thing is for sure. People are bound to notice this one.

18. Not-So-Black Swan

This is more of an art than anything else. The beauty and grace of a swan are captured by the tattoo. It is simply stunning. The bold black lines form the boundary of the swan and the added splash of color makes it look like a watercolor painting which is actually the entire point. Different color washes can be used for this tattoo design.

19. Legs for Days

The last one of the list is a leg for days. It’s basically the use of legs as a tattoo. It can be birds. Especially flamingos with their long legs. This can be a little different and not up to the style of others but its very beautiful and we suggest that you check it up and then decide whether you want it or not.

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We hope that you have been successful in finding the tattoo of your choice and preference. There are so many options out there that you can get sidetracked. The presence of too many options always blinds us, humans.

Therefore we did the research for you and looked through many options before selecting a few and then presenting them to you. We hope you are satisfied with the article. Thank you once again for reading this. Do share the article if you liked it. Have a good day!

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