12 Meaningful ‘Sister Tattoo’ Ideas

Tattoos never go out of trend. Getting a tattoo with your sister is a trend that never dies down. Friendship and relationship may come and go but the bond of a sibling always stays. Family is the most important aspect of one’s life. And if you have a close-knit bond with your sister then that’s a great gift you have.

If you get a tattoo with your sister then who knows, your bonding might get even stronger. It is a great way to have a message between just sisters.

It feels so intimate and sweet. Writing this article made me feel that I wanted a sister just so I could go get inked together with her! So if you are looking for someone to get a tattoo with, then please listen to us and go get one with your sister! You will always have your sister by your side.

Sister Tattoo

It won’t be like getting a tattoo with your lover and then breaking up with them, only to regret about it later. It’s high time we understood the importance of blood bonds.

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12 Meaningful Sister Tattoo Ideas you will Love

This article is solely for the purpose of sister tattoos or matching sibling tattoos meant to bring close siblings even closer. It is a very wide field and we chose only the best ones for you. We can only pray that you will like the article. Thank you so much for giving this a read.

Do perform your research before you choose any single tattoo because removing a tattoo is a real pain (yes it is greater than getting the tattoo in the first place). So take your time, do your research, discuss it with your sibling sister (because this tattoo is not only solely for yourself).

We are sure that a little bit of thought can help you pick a good tattoo. So without any further ado let’s get right into it. We will include 12 ideas as mentioned in the title itself. So this is going to be a long article. We hope that you are buckled up and ready for this inspiring ride.

1. Sister Tattoos for 2

If you are two sisters getting a tattoo together then you can go for tattoos that are incomplete but it forms a full picture when you two are together and  place the tattoo side by side. This gives an ‘incomplete without each other’ vibe.

The designs available for these kinds of tattoos are infinite. You can choose one which suits both of you the best.

2. Sister Tattoos for 3

If you are three flowers of a bunch then choosing a tattoo that all of you can relate too can be a bit complicated. You can choose something that indicates a special moment for all three of you. But if you want to keep it simple then maybe you can get roman numerals in order of your age. This is a simple tattoo and does not require any fighting.

3. Small Sister Tattoos

Well if you are not quite committed to the idea of getting your skin inked but still want a tattoo to show your bond with your sister then you can get the small sister tattoos. We honestly adore small tattoos, they look extremely cute.

Remember that you don’t have to do something big to show your love for your sister. A small tattoo can do the job just fine.

4. Big Sister, Little Sister Tattoos

Big sister little sister tattoos are scripted tattoos. There are many fun ways to do this. You can choose the font as well as the size. You can also include your birth dates with the font to show the difference in age between two sisters. It is a fun little tattoo that a lot of people seem to be opting for nowadays.

5. Sister Symbol Tattoos

Now symbolic tattoos are the best in our book. Pick a moment, a Happy moment that you shared with your sister. You can get that tattooed on yourself and your sister. A symbolic representation of the time that you guys spend together while growing up. It can be something simple or intricate. The choice is up to you guys you and your sister.

6. Meaningful Sister Tattoos

Meaningful sister tattoos can be anything or everything. It can be big or it can be something simple. It can be the flower you picked up on the side of the road and gave it to your sister or it can be a simple word ‘sister’ written on your skin in a beautiful font. This is a cute style of getting matching tattoos.

7. Twin Tattoos

Twins share a special bond. If you want to get a matching tattoo with your twin then great. You can get incomplete tattoos that join together, or you can get the same designs of the complete tattoo. You can also get inked ‘my twin sister’ if you want a textual tattoo. There are many options to choose from.

8. Heartbeat Sister Tattoos

You can definitely get a heartbeat tattooed on both of your arms. Add a little bit of shape and not just jagged lines and that will make a beautiful tattoo. Remember that this works for both twins or normal sisters too.

9. Date Sister Tattoos

Getting the date of birth of your sister’s tattoos on your skin seems like a very sentimental idea. Anyone who sees that date on you will immediately know that it has got something special to do with you. It is better than just getting simple matching tattoos.

10. Memorial Sister Tattoos

Memorial sister tattoos can have date of birth or deaths too. It is sad but it is a way of keeping your close ones close to you. There are different types of memorial sister tattoos but people mostly go for the date and some of them might even follow that up with a quote.

11. Soul Sister Tattoos

This tattoo is usually for sisters who are not related by blood but that doesn’t mean that real sisters can’t get this. It shows that bond between you two and means that you are not just sisters by blood but that you are sisters by choice.

12. Sister Wrist Tattoos

Well, the wrist is always a good place to get a tattoo. If you want to continuously display the bond between you two then you might not find a better place to get a matching tattoo. However, we must say that a tattoo on the wrist looks better if it is small in size.

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We can only assume that you liked this article. If you did indeed like this article then may we suggest that you recommend this article to other friends who will be interested in getting a tattoo and someone who is having a close bond with their sibling sister. We would be very grateful if you did that.

The world of tattoos is ever-growing. New inspiration comes on almost every day. The more we move forward the more ideas about tattoos do we gather. We sincerely hope that you liked the designs that we picked to include in this article and that you have selected one from among the list.

Of course, there are other sister tattoos available too. If you do not like the aforementioned ones or if they don’t resonate with your style then you surely can go check out the other ones. There is literally no limit to the designs. You can even come up with your own design if you feel like it.

Anyway have a great experience and make sure you go to a good tattoo artist. Thank you and have a nice day!

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