20 ‘Strawberry Blonde Hair Colors’

What? Are you shocked that there are so many different types of strawberry blonde available? Well, there are a lot of variations of strawberry blonde and all of them are very beautiful. You need to find one that suits you the most.

It’s better to figure it out and do your research before you actually go to the salon to get your hair done. Thus we have created this article to let you know of the different types of strawberry blonde available and help you choose one style.

Strawberry Blonde Hair Colors

We have included so many because we think that everyone would want a different style. Bet you didn’t even know before today that there ate so many strawberry blonde hair colors available in the first place.

So this strawberry blonde color does require some maintenance but it is sure worth it. It doesn’t matter if you are a redhead or a blonde, we have a style for every hair color.

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20 of The Most Trendy Strawberry Blonde Hair Colours for This Year

So it is always fun to dye your hair. If you are going with a strawberry blonde then you have a lot of options on your hand. We have listed the 20 of the Most Trendy Strawberry Blonde Hair Colours for this year, so we are sure that you won’t be out of options. So without any further ado let’s get right into the article. The first one on the list is.

1. Ginger Blonde Never Looked So Good

If you are into blonde as well as ginger look then why not go for something in between? This is a great style for redheads who would like to change their look. This one will suit your natural hair color too. We love this color and we are sure that you will too.

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2. Peach Hair

Well, this peach color will go so good on your head that you would want to eat your own hair. On second thoughts that sounded gross, but the peach color will look absolutely great on natural ginger.

Well, you can opt for this look even if you are not ginger, just go to a professional, and after getting your hair done just go and maintain the upkeep.

3. Fun Balayage As A Strawberry Blonde

A perfectly done balyage with a strawberry blonde color is going to look stunning. You do not have to worry about a bad hair day with this hairstyle. It’s absolutely stunning but make sure that you go to a good salon because this style needs to be done well or it won’t look good.

4. Bold, Red, Beautiful, Long Hair

If you have long hair then you can get the style done. If you are a redhead then that’s a added bonus because the long waves of strawberry blonde on your delicate hair will look absolutely gorgeous.

5. Long Luscious Subtle Strawberry Blonde

You can go for a subtle blond look instead of going full bold. There is also other options available. A subtle strawberry blonde tone can add certain volume to your hair. Another perk of this style is that it will look great to wear curled or naturally. So it won’t require a lot of styling.

6. Sexy Blonde Based Strawberry Blonde

If your hair is already blonde and you want to colour it strawberry blonde then you go do that, because that looks great. You can add subtle highlights and it will give your hair a warmer tone and more volume. This will also be less maintenance since you are not colouring your entire hair.

7. Strawberry and Vanilla on Ice

This one has insane pigmentation. You will surely be getting attention with this style. The rich strawberry and vanilla colours looks great when put together in a braid. You can also leave them in a curl but we have noticed that the braids look the best.

8. Soft and Subtle Strawberry Blonde Ombre

A soft hombre is also a good look. The subtle transition is almost not noticeable. You can go for a bold one too but the soft hombre is no joke either. The look is going to look perfect with soft curls or you can get beach waves done too.

9. Trendy Icy Strawberry Blonde Lob

If you have darker natural hair then this one is perfect for you. The dark roots can effortlessly blend with the icy blonde tones and warm strawberry pink tones. The style looks great in short and long hair as well. Usually, this style is done on a bob. But the choice is up to you and there are no limits.

10. Long Frosty Strawberry Blonde Locks

If you want a frosty look then colour your hair strawberry blonde and then add blonde highlights. It is easy to style and looks absolutely stunning. If you want it, get it done. Add layers to create more dimension.

11. Caramel Dipped Strawberry (Blonde) Hair Colour

It starts with a brown base. Then it moves on to the strawberry blonde look. The transition almost looks natural and gives it a caramel dipped strawberry hair colour. To say the least, it is a great style for people willing to try someone new.

12. The Perfect Pastel Strawberry Blonde

Well, we all like pastels. So we had to include this in the list. The soft strawberry blonde colour with icy blonde tips is something out of a fairy tale. This hair colour needs a lot of maintenance, we are not going to lie but oh boy is it worth it. It’s absolutely stunning and you should go for it if you are into pastels.

13. Cool-Toned Brown with Blonde and Strawberry

If you want a dusty brown-based strawberry blonde color then this one is obviously the best for you. It has a brown toned base and then it transitions into strawberry blonde colour.

It looks great to say the least. The look is taken a step further by adding blonde towards the tips of the hair. If you already have a light brown natural hair colour then it would cost you less.

14. Natural Brown with Subtle Red Tones

If you want a hair color option that is mainly brown with subtle strawberry blonde tones then this is the one for you. The base is going to be light brown it would be even better if you have naturally brown hair. Then you won’t have to spend a lot of time or money on maintenance. You can also take this as an experiment to check if you want the strawberry blonde color.

15. Amped Up Natural Red Head

If you are a redhead then strawberry blonde will look great on you. You can add blonde highlights to your natural hair color so that it can cool down and add strawberry blonde vibes to your hair.

You can choose the number of highlights and prefer one according to your style. Make sure that you choose one that suits your personal style and preference.

16. Copper Toned Strawberry Blonde Color

Copper hair can seem intimidating. But add some soft strawberry blonde color highlights in the copper hair and you get a masterpiece. This look can be pulled off by anyone. If you don’t have already copper hair then you can just dye it.

Trust us, this look is to dye for! (Ok sorry, no more puns). You will likely face some problem with impatience but keep your patience and we are sure that you will find it worth it in the end.

17. Cool-Toned Strawberry Blonde Colour

A cool-toned strawberry blonde color is great for people who want to do something with their hair but do not want to stand out or look extremely bold. We understand that some people won’t like to become the center of attention and would like to just kind of blend in.

Thus this hairstyle is delicate and blends flawlessly. The hair colour adds a natural tone and volume of warmth to your hair. You don’t need any makeup with such fabulous hair.

18. Choppy Two Dimensional Red Hair Colour

Blonde and red highlights are added to the strawberry blonde color. The colors look beautiful together and if you give it a choppy look by styling your hair then that will be a lookout of this world.

To do that you need to curl your hair as you normally would do but leave the bottom part of the hair. Once your hair is curled, run your fingers through it to create choppy curls.

19. Sensational Sun Kissed Strawberry Locks

If you have this hair color then it will give out a look that says ‘I spent my day at the beach getting sun-kissed’. The brown, blonde, and red tones definitely go together. By now you should have figured this out already. You can style your hair in beach waves and that will create a great look.

20. Dare to be Dark Strawberry

This colour trend is the rage right now. This is a mixture of all our favourite colours. It has a dark root and warm blonde hair highlights. The hombre effect that can be seen looks so delicate and beautiful. It gives off a natural vibe.

The hair keeps on getting lighter towards the tips. The blending and transition of the dark and light hair color have always been an eye-catcher if done right. The hairstyle is completed with wavering layers.

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We hope that this article has been useful to you. We have included all the strawberry blonde hairstyles that caught our eye. With so many options we are sure that everyone will find something according to their style and preference.

So if you already found your perfect head of strawberry blonde hairstyle then go get it done already! Life is too short to hesitate. It is now or never. Just do it already.

Make sure you recommend this article to others who would like it. Thank you for giving this a read. Have a great day!

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