10 Beautiful ‘Flower Tattoos’ For Women

Well, tattoos never fail to be cool so we must know what tattoo we are getting to finally commit to them. Flower tattoos are a lot in fashion right now. It is undoubtedly one of the best design styles that one can go from.

Flowers are so pretty and so in style. Go select a style that suits you. Maybe one with a symbolic meaning or maybe just a plain one. The choice is up to you.

10 Beautiful Flower Tattoos For Women That You Must See

Here are the 10 Beautiful Flower Tattoos For Women That You Must See. This is a great article that will help you. We chose 10 most influential flower tattoos that we could find.

Of course there are others too. If you do not like any one tattoo in our article then you can obviously go for others. But do check out the list before you decide. So without any further ado let’s start this article.

Flower Tattoos

1. Lotus Flower Tattoo

This is a spiritual tattoo. In Buddhism the blooming lotus represents the opening od the heart. This therefore represents yoga. If you are a yoga lover then you should consider getting one. The lotus has other symbolic meaning too. It symbolizes enlightenment, rebirth, purity and regeneration. It is a special flower that grows in the mud but blooms beautifully.

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2. Jasmine Flower Tattoo

The name ‘Jasmine’ means ‘gift from god’. It is associated with purity and innocence. The jasmine flower is so delicate to look at and so pretty that it mesmerised us. It also represents respect and good luck. Some people consider this flower to represent purity in their life. This can mean your children or something else too.

3. Hibiscus Flower Tattoo

The hibiscus flower is iconic for its bright flowers and open petals. It gives off the vibe of the tropical holiday. They have a deeper meaning though. In Hawaii this flower is associated with hospitality, love, respect, feminity and power. In south korea it represents eternity and immortality. This is an ideal tattoo for every woman out there.

4. Rose Tattoo

Rose is an iconic flower. It has different shades which all mean different things. The red rose means passion and love. Soft pink roses are associated with joy, grace and gratitude. Yellow represents friendship and happiness.

White roses are associated with loyalty and purity so they are also known as bridal roses. No matter which hue of rose you go for, it will always represent a symbolic meaning that you want to convey.

5. Poppy Flower Tattoo

These are flowers that hold deep meanings. It is highly symbolic. In ancient times, red poppies were given to dead people. Today they are used to commemorate soldiers who died at war. Getting this tattoo can mean a tribute to the National heroes or a personal tribute to some friend or family who has served in the army.

It can a great deal to some people. They are very pretty too so they would look great as well as convey the message through symbolism.

6. Narcissus Flower Tattoo

The narcissus is commonly known as the daffodil. It is a very happy, optimistic and joyful flower in terms of symbolism. They are golden in colour which looks very pretty. A field of daffodils have even moved poets to write poems about them.

The daffodils bloom in spring thus representing the end of a cold dark winter. They represent renewal and rebirth. Thus this is perfect for you if you are looking forward to your life. This is for the positivity and optimistic Outlook of life.

7. Japanese Flower Tattoo

Traditional Japanese tattoos are called Irezumi. They make the use of flowers in their tattoo designs. The cherry blossom is very popular in Japan and represents the beauty of life. It also represents feminine beauty and grace.

The chrysanthemum id known as the king of flowers is associated with royalty, perfection, and longevity. This is also frequently used in traditional Japanese tattoos. Lotus and peonies are also flowers that is used in this Japanese tattoos.

8. Butterfly and Flower Tattoo

Butterflies are also included in some flower tattoos. This is a popular choice. It looks pretty and carry deep symbolic meaning too. The butterfly can represent resilience, reformation, rebirth, and freedom. A very popular combination that are opted by women.

A choice is to go for a butterfly with floral wings. The design looks so delicate and so perfect when done right that we almost want to get one ourselves. This is a great tattoo choice for women. It has a feminine charm it.

9. Skull and Flower Tattoo

No skulls are not always intimidating. It does not always ooze out punk rock. The skull can be brought down and made into a feminine tattoo with the addition of some flowers to your General skull tattoo.

This tattoo acts as a reminder of the transient nature of life and expects us to appreciate everything in our life. It can also be representative of life after death or that life blooms from death itself. It is a beautiful concept with a beautiful meaning. So if you like this idea we urge you to go get this done as soon as possible.

10. Forget Me Not Flower Tattoo

The forget me not flowers represent true love and loyalty. They are tiny blue flowers and it was popular in Victorian age where they were given to someone as a symbol of faithfulness and devotion. This can be a beautiful representation of your love between you and your significant other.

It can also act as a couple of tattoos or you can also get this tattoo with your best friend. The ideal place for getting this floral tattoo is somewhere where it can be seen. Like on the arm or wrist.

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We hope that you have liked the article. There are so many options to choose from. We literally had been baffled by the amount of flower tattoos that are available there. It is undoubtedly one of the most common types of tattoos. It is a very beautiful choice and it can hold deeper meaning too. Or you can simply get one without any inner meaning.

We hope that you do not regret your decision once you take it. So be careful and choose wisely. Thanks again for giving this article a read. Do recommend this to others who are also looking forward to getting a tattoo. Thank you and have a nice day!

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