How To Fishtail Your Hair

Well if you are new here you will not know how to do your Fishtail braid. Among the braids in trend now the fishtail braid has the most style and flexibility. You can wear it with any outfit and you will look chic. We are all in love with the fishtail braid.

Let us be honest. But most of us do not know how to do it. Some of us are too scared to even try because it is too intricate to look at and we think that we won’t be able to do it and then mess it up.

So we are here today to teach you how to do the fishtail braid. It is simple and easy to do. It might seem a bit difficult in the beginning and it won’t come out flawless in the first go but with more and more practice you can ace that fishtail braid at home.

How To Fishtail Your Hair

Yes, we know that some people give up even before they try it so we hope for your sake that you are not one of those people. It is worth the effort. Trust us. You might need to practice a few times before you become a pro. So without any further ado let’s get right into it.

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What is the Fishtail Braid

A fishtail braid is actually an intricate hairstyle that is made from weaving strands of hair together. It creates a beautiful effect and we love it but many people are scared to do this themselves because it seems too complicated. The fishtail braid is an ideal hairstyle that suits a lot of people.

As we said, it is an ideal hairstyle. It looks chic and fashionable and most of the ladies (as well as some gents) are opting for this hairstyle. The hairstyle is suitable for many occasions.

When you once try it and nail it then you will wonder what you were missing out and then you will think about how you lived your life up till now without knowing how to do a fishtail braid. You just need a pair of hair ties, your hands, your hair, and a little bit of practice to nail your Fishtail braid.

How to do a Fishtail Braid

It may seem that doing a fishtail braid is a complicated process and we understand how you feel because we thought like you too before we got the initial process explained to us. It can seem daunting but it is pretty simple to do. In fact fishtail braid is one of the simplest braids that you can come across.

The only drawback is that your hands will get very tired after the procedure. This happens because fishtail braid needs to be done in sections. So if you have long hair, you must be prepared for a workout of your arms. But do not let this stop you because the results are worth it.

First, separate your hair into two clean sections. Take half inch hair from the outside of one of the sections and pull it across. Join that string of hair to the other section. Now you need to repeat this process.

This will continue till the end of your hair and then you can tie it off to complete your Fishtail braid.

How to do a Side Fishtail Braid

A side fishtail braid is much easier to do than a normal fishtail braid. If you are a beginner then you might want to practice doing fishtail braids by this procedure. You are not braiding the back of your hair in this style so you can see it in the mirror.

You should start by pulling all your hair in a low ponytail on one side of the head. Then separate your ponytail into two sections and then use the fishtail braid procedure on one side of the hair. Once you have reached the end of your hair, secure your beautiful braid using a hair tie.

If you do not want the hair tie to be seen then you can cover it up using a strand of hair. This will give you a more complete look.

Easy Fishtail Braids for Short Hair

Do you have short hair? Do you think that it is impossible for people with short hair to have a fishtail braid? If yes, then you are wrong. You can have a fishtail braid in your short hair too and it will look chic as usual. When we said that it is a very versatile hair style we meant every word of it.

You can do a small fishtail braid extending from your hairline to the back of your head. You can also do a half up hair style with fishtail braids. It looks really modern and many people with short hair are opting for this hair style.

How to Fishtail Braid Your Hair

Step 1: When you are doing this make sure that you pull the hair tight. If it is loose then you might not like the end result.

Step 2: Keep the sections of your hair even to get the symmetric look. It is advised to take half an inch of hair for each section.

Step 3: Use dry shampoo for extra grip.

Step 4: The fishtail braid hairstyle works the best on second-day hair.

Step 5: You can finish the fishtail braid hairstyle and leave it as it is or you can pull at it gently to create a more soft look.

Step 6: If you prefer a loose hairstyle then do not pull your hair too much and you will end up with a loose fishtail braid.

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We hope that you have found this article useful. This is a great hairstyle option to choose from. We like a simple fishtail braid every day of the week. So we hope that you have learned how to make a fishtail braid from this article. Thank you for giving this article a read. We hope you have a good day.

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