15 Best ‘Friend Tattoos’

Have you and your best friend thought of getting a tattoo together? We say that it’s a great idea. It does not matter when you became best friends, whether it was from early childhood or from teen years, there is a pair of tattoos for every best friend.

We love the idea of getting best friend tattoos and therefore we have brought this article to you today so that you can get ideas from it and get yourself inked.

There are many people who will probably scoff at the idea and say that it is a waste of time and money because friendship may not last in the future. Don’t listen to them please, they are just bitter. Friendship is a beautiful thing and it should be celebrated in any way possible.

Friend Tattoos

If this is the way you and your best friend chose then so be it! Don’t let anyone stand in the way of your friendship. So without any further ado let’s get right into it.

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15 Best Friend Tattoos to Celebrate your Special Bond

Here is the list of the 15 Best Friend Tattoos to Celebrate your Special Bond. We will start with the first one on our list.

1. Small Best Friend Tattoos

Even a small best friend tattoo can mean a lot to you guys. You can enjoy the small meaning that it represents it is not a necessity to get a big tattoo to show your appreciation. The people who are going to get inked for the first time might consider this a great option.

You can get both of your favorite quotes or a favorite book or maybe something alluding to your favorite movie. The smallest tattoo can also mean a lot.

2. Best Friend Tattoos

If you have not one but two best friends then you are really very lucky. If you want you can get motif tattoos for each friend. The tree tattoo is very popular nowadays. All of you can get trees of different shapes which can represent your body height or age maybe. There are also other ways of doing this. You can definitely get the roman numerals too.

3. Cute Tattoos

If you have been best friends for a very long then you can get this type of tattoo. It can be something cute which maybe reminds you of your childhood. The favorite cartoon that you used to watch or maybe your favorite toys or it can also be your favorite food or ice cream flavor. The options are limitless and you will definitely enjoy the memories that the small cute tattoos can bring.

4. Symbol Tattoos

If you are getting symbol tattoos then it is better to do your research first before going to the tattoo artist. It is said that there are literally hundreds of symbols with meaning out there. Yes, you can definitely find a symbol with a meaning that has importance for both of you.

It is a very popular choice among the youngsters right now. A symbol tattoo is cool, mysterious, and has a deep inner meaning as well. We are sure that you will love it. However initial research is very important and absolutely needs to be done.

5. Sun and Moon Tattoos

Sun and moon tattoos are not just for couples. Best friends can get it too. It usually has a different meaning. The sun represents the bubbly, outgoing personality of a person while the moon represents the introvert and the shy kind of personality.

So if you and your best friend are completely opposite to each other but you guys still complement each other then this is the best tattoo design for you. Remember that the earth needs both the sun and the moon.

6. Simple Tattoos

Simple tattoos are really small in size and they are in trend right now. A Simple tattoo can be anything that is of significance to you and your best friend. It is usually got on the wrist or fingers.

The youngsters are now going for each other’s initial or some kind of symbol to represent their friendship. Just like your simple friendship which has a greater depth, these tattoos can also be simple but have a great deal of meaning in it.

7. Heart Tattoos

This is literally the most common type of tattoos that best friends get but it is still very cute so we needed to include this in our list. The heart is the universal symbol of love and it can also mean the love between friends. It is not just for couples.

You can customize the design of your heart however you want. You can get a floral design that can be feminine or you can simply get a heart with the hue that suits your best friend’s personality.

8. Guy and Girl Best Friend Tattoos

If your best friend is of the opposite sex then you would want to get a tattoo that is neither too masculine nor too feminine. Go for a gender-neutral tattoo that can match both of your personalities. The lightning bolt is a common tattoo.

It works better if you are both fans of Harry Potter. There are of course other symbols available. You just need to do your research first. If you want you can also get your initials tattooed on each other.

9. Butterfly Tattoos

These tattoos are certainly ones that show transformation since the caterpillar transforms into a butterfly. If you and your best friend have helped each other change for the better then this is a great choice for you. We definitely love a good design of butterfly tattoo. There are several styles to choose from. You will not find the lack of options.

10. Yin and Yang Tattoo

This is another symbolic tattoo that originated in Chinese Philosophy. It is said that yin is the feminine side and yang is the masculine side. It is extremely symbolic in nature and once again best friends of the opposite sex can get this tattoo.

If you have a good-humored relationship then you can customize the design of your tattoo too. If you are friends of same-sex but different personalities then this is a good idea too.

11. Best Friends Forever Tattoos

The best way to symbolize your best friend forever tattoo is by getting the infinite sign on your skin. It shows that your friendship has been long and meant to go forward even longer. The best way to get this tattoo is not to tamper too much with the design but just kind of let it retain its original shape.

It is sometimes customized with an arrow which symbolizes that no matter which direction life takes you, your friendship will be strong and eternal.

12. Lock and Key Tattoos

Lock and key tattoos are a very special kind of tattoo that shows the potential between two souls that are best friends. This can be taken as a couple’s tattoo too but what matters is how you look at it.

If you and your bring is capable of bringing out the best in each other then this is a great tattoo design for you guys. It can also represent the well-kept secrets between you and your best friend.

13. Half Tattoos

Well, you can already guess what it is. If you look at the two halves of the tattoo you can take the literal meaning from the tattoo that you two are halves of the same whole. When you are apart, you are incomplete along with your tattoo but when you are together you get whole and your tattoo gets whole too. It is such a sweet symbol.

14. Best Friend Distance Tattoos

The future is unpredictable. It can take you and your friend to different parts of the globe, maybe even the opposite side of the globe. But you can still pay a tribute to your best friend by getting a matching tattoo. You can get the globe design on your skin or maybe even the world map if you and your friend is feeling like it.

True best friends never break apart by simple distance. So remember this and just to strengthen and honor your friendship, even more, you can always get a tattoo.

15. To Infinity and Beyond Tattoos

You might know where this is from. “To infinity and beyond” was a phrase from the movie toy story. If you are the buzz to your friend’s woody then this is the best tattoo that you can get. If this movie is your favorite movie then definitely get this one. This movie was all about friendship.

It can represent all the adventures that you go on together. You can get the entire phrase tattooed on each of you or you can simply get half the phrase on your friend and the other half on yourself. In this way, it can be an incomplete tattoo that comes together only when you guys are together.

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We hope that you like this article and that it has proven useful to you. It is a complicated decision to commit to a tattoo because it is well. Permanent. So do your research before you go to the tattoo parlor. The options are infinite and once you get the tattoo we hope that you will be happy and satisfied.

We suggest that you should pick a decent place if you want a good quality tattoo. Trust is quality over price. We hope that you have a great experience. Thank you for reading this article.

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