11 ‘Long Hairstyles For Men’

Long hairstyles for men are in trend. The sexy stylish look that gives off a sense of mystery is also good on the hands. Many men fear that having long hair means lots of maintaining, it is not always correct. Some maintenance is necessary but it is not as hard.

The real challenge is having the patience to grow one’s hair out. Once you actually grow out your hair you will seriously see the positive sides of this style. It is a life choice and we Absolutely love it.

11 Long Hairstyles For Men

Here is the list of 11 long hairstyles for men. If you are trying long hair for the first time then.

It is a great thing that you landed on this article because we have selected the best ones out of the bunch exclusively for you. So let’s get right into it.

Long Hairstyles For Men

1. Man Bun

The man bun is a style trend that has stuck out for many years. It is not only trendy and makes you look overly cool, but it is also practical.

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It is easy to grow out a 6 inch hair and then you can pull your hair back and tie it in a bun.

There are different styles of bun that you can pull off depending on the mood and environment. Nonetheless, it is a great and simple style option.

2. Top Knot

Well, the top knot is kind of similar to the man bun. The only difference is that the man bun is tied at the back of the head while the top knot is at the top like a samurai hair style. It does not require a full head of hair.

You Can shave off your sides for a more intense look. It is really cool and many men opt for this hairstyle. We personally love this one.

3. Ponytail

The man ponytail is one of the most common hair style for men with long hair. Some men like this hair style while some don’t.

It depends on the person really but no matter whether you like it or not, it is very practical. It helps keep the long hair out of your face.

So even if you do not like the hair style, you can wear it at home while you are working and want the hair out of your face.

It is also a great style option if you would like to sport it outside. You can have a ponytail at any position – at the back of the head or on the top.

4. Long Curly Hair

Well if you have naturally long curly hair then you should start thanking your stars. Many men want this look and have to get a perm to attain this look while you can just get it naturally.

It is a simple natural look that looks absolutely mind-blowing. We love that long thick curls falling effortlessly off your head. It is the best effortless look you can go for.

Applying a little product on your hair to add more texture and volume to your hair never hurts either.

5. Shoulder Length

If you want to have long hair but not too long that it will require a lot of maintaining then this is the one for you.

It is neither too long, nor too short so you can have just the perfect length to be both easy maintenance as well as super stylish.

A simple side swept shoulder length hair can make the ladies turn their heads.  Layers can also be added for more texture. You can also add some colour if you like.

This is a great choice. Ask your barber for the particular shape of your hair in accordance to your face shape.

6. Really Long Hair

If you have really long hair then you might be familiar with the problem of not getting any proper hair style for yourself. In such a situation it is the best to let your hair flow free.

However it must be noted that really long hair needs a lot of maintaining and it is important to care for your long hair to make it look good.

A good shampoo and conditioner is required to wash your hair at all times. You can also add product to your hair. If you are going for the homeless grainy hair then you can add some wax to your locks.

7. Curl and Wave

The curl and wave is a style that best works on shoulder length hair. We love the look because it looks so chic and effortless.

You do need to ask your barber to give you a particular hair shape along with the face of your hair.

You need to style your hair with a frizz free serum to make it look more good. The products can lead your style up to a whole new level.

The natural look which takes a little effort to pull off is a favourite among lots of men.

8. Beachy

The beachy hair is always said to attract women. You do not need to live near the ocean to have the Beachy hair style.

We won’t lie it does take some effort. You need to grow your hair up to your chin length, the size and length of all the hairs needs to be same.

The barber will chip off your base a little and add highlights in such a manner that it will look that your hair is lightened by the sun. Try to go for a more natural look with this one style.

9. Long and Textured

Have you seen Jason Mamoa’s hair?  It has a life of its own. If you want to get that hair style you need to go for the long and textured hair.

Air drying your hair is said to give texture to your hair but blow drying your hair and then using a texture spray works too.

You can do either according to your preference. We like the end result either way. Use a good blow dryer if you do not want to damage your hair but also get a fabulous result out of it.

10. Layered

Well the layered look can go with any kind of hair. It is a great style that we knew that we had to include in this list. The different styles of layering available will be a great range of options for you.

You can choose to heavily layer your hair or do it in a slight gentle way. Both the looks are absolutely gorgeous so you can ask your barber to layer your hair according to the appearance you are going for.

11. Shaggy

This is more or less a 1970’s style with a twist. No we aren’t talking about the shaggy from Scooby Do. This is a hair style people.

The last but not the least on our list, this is a great choice for men who want to grow out their hair but don’t know how to style it.

The style requires a little bit of maintaining and it needs to be conditioned on a regular basis. The style is so sexy that most people opt for this look. It speaks to others on a new level. We love it.

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This article has been very useful for men and we are sure of it. We tried our best to include all kinds of styles for all kinds of people. The list goes on and on but we selected the best for you guys.

Don’t be shy to try a new style. It’s all about today. We hope that you consider recommending this article to others. Thank you so much. Have a great day.

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