14 ‘Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas’

Looking for new hair color? Why not settle on rose gold? It is a great hair color that is in trend nowadays. This trend is universal right now. The hair color has been around for quite some time but it has been rapidly gaining popularity now.

The classic version had a blend of golden blonde, pink and red. There is a rose gold look for everyone. If you want to get a rose gold look then you can have a lot of options at your hands. We are here today to give you some of those options.

14 Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas to Try

Rose gold is such a pretty color. We are definitely in love with it and some of us are even ready to get our hair done, but why enjoy all this by ourselves? That’s why we have decided to share this with you. There are different types of rose gold hair color styles that you can go for.

Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas

We have listed a few in this article (14 to be precise). Of course, there are other options out there but we selected the best ones out of the entire bunch. So without any further delay let’s get right into the list.

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1. Copper Rose Gold Hair

This is the first one that we have put on our list. It is a natural way to wear this on trend hue. It is warm and rich. It is highly on trend and the classic copper colour suits almost all kinds of skin tones. The copper rose gold hair is universally flattering and beautiful to look at.

Many people going for this style have the affinity for standing out. It makes your hair seem like its almost glowing. If you are naturally a red head or honey blonde then this hair colour will look great on you. You should definitely give this a try.

2. Rose Gold Bob

You can change your hair color along with your hairstyle. A rose gold bob is perfect for you if you are looking for a dramatic change. The look is perfect for all kinds of people. If you have long and dark hair then this might be the one for you. But this does not necessarily mean that you will need only dark hair to try out this style.

No that is not the fact at all. You can have natural blonde or light hair and still go for this style. The change will still look dramatic and gorgeous. It is a completely new and wearable look. You can also experiment with the kind of bob that you get. You can get a straight bob or a wavy one.

You can also go for a different styles of bobs like asymmetrical or A-line. A blunt bob usually opts because it gives off a cool and modern effect.

3. Rose Gold Pixie Cut

If you want a bold look then you should consider getting the rose gold pixie cut. It is a highly popular look and to say the least looks very sexy. This hair cut and color will make sure that you are the center of attention so if you are uncomfortable with that, skip this one.

But on the other hand, if you want to be the center of attention then this one is for you. It is short and sharp and easy to maintain. You can style it very quickly too. You can style it in different ways too, be it cute, chic, edgy, or cool.

This is a statement of hair. End of discussion. You can add a lot of pink in your rose gold color too. This will add even more glamour to this already fabulous style.

4. Rose Gold Ombre

If you have darker and long hair then going full rose gold can be a lot expensive. It will take a lot of time too. So if you can spare the change then that’s great but if you are on a budget then you can go for this rose gold ombre look.

It does not require you to bleach your entire hair. The blend between the light rose gold color and the dark natural hair color looks like something out of this world. This style is simple and soft to look at. It does not necessarily scream bold but it still makes you stand out.

5. Warm Brown Hair + Rose Gold Ends

This is a combination that you won’t be seeing often. Auburn color hair can act as a great base tone color. You pair that with rose gold ends and you are set. It gives off a very sexy vibe. The warm reddish tones of the warm brown color blend seamlessly with the coppery hues in rose gold. It creates a beautiful gradient effect.

This color combination is rare and looks so pretty. It is like a sunset on your head. We wonder why more people do not go for this look. Maybe because they never think of this combination. You can definitely go for this style if you have natural auburn hair.

6. Straight Rose Gold Hair

Rose gold on straight hair is a different kind of statement. The beauty of this color can not be explained in simple words. The metallic tinge of the rose gold color is brought out even more by the straight and shiny hair.

It is such a striking and simple look that you do not need to do a lot of styling with this hair. You can just put your hair down and you are ready to slay. The result is sleek and the look is chic. It looks the best with a bob or a lob.

7. Soft Rose Gold Glow Hair Colour

This is a more subtle kind of rose gold. If you do not want that excessive pink tinge in your hair then you can go for this soft rose gold hair color. This has more of a golden base than pink.

So it can be said that this color falls closer to the blonde spectrum than the pink. This is ideal for those people who have a neutral skin tone. This is a great tinge of color. It is absolutely worth a try if you are looking for something on the softer side.

8. Short Rose Gold Curls

The soft rose gold hair color with rose gold curls is a deadly combination. The rose gold hair color is perfect for people who have curly or wavy hair color. The natural movement or flow of the curly hair brings out the multidimensional beauty of the rose gold hair color.

It looks pretty and playful. It gives off a vintage vibe that is really appealing. It is absolutely timeless and gorgeous to look at. You will definitely rock this look so do not be shy and get this look. It is definitely worth the money that you are going to spend.

9. Light Rose Gold Highlights

Light rose gold highlights are the trend nowadays. Many people going for this style. If you have natural platinum hair or maybe if you are a buttery blonde then you can pair up your hair with these light rose gold highlights. It is a very modern style and trend

Where you do not color your entire hair but strategically place highlights in different sections of your hair. This can be done in such a way so that it can frame your face. Rose gold hair color has a natural metallic shine. This will blend really well with this blonde hair.

10. Rose Gold Hair + Platinum Blonde Highlights

You might have heard of platinum blonde hair with rose gold highlights. They look great but the reverse is also true. This makes your hair to the next level. Your hairdresser can do this to you. You can have rose gold hair with platinum blonde highlights. The highlights can add an extra shimmer to your hair.

It can give off a metallic vibe. The rose gold hair color itself has a metallic shine. This is perfect for people who have pale skin. If you are one of them, please give it a try. It is a gorgeous style. We personally like this the best out of the rest.

11. Rose Gold Ends on Dark Blonde Hair

This is going with the same concept that you do not have to color your entire hair but just a section. This is really great because it saves you time and money and also provides you with a new look. If you are a natural dark blonde then its all the better.

Get rose gold color on your tips and you will create this simple yet beautiful hairstyle. The rose gold shade must be a vibrant pink. Avoid too much of a warm red undertone. This could clash with your dirty blonde hair.

12. Rose Gold Hair for Brunettes

You can definitely get a rose gold hair color even if you are a brunette. It is a risk that you can over-bleach your entire hair and then expose your hair to damage. However, it is also possible for brunettes to have a nice rose gold hair color without actually damaging their hair by over bleaching it.

You will have a chocolate mauve hue with a neutral pink undertone. Your hairdresser cab strategically lightens some sections of your hair. They will probably leave the roots a natural dark shade. This blend can look very different and nice.

13. Rich Rose Gold Hair Colour

This has more of a copper and warm rose gold hair color. The rich rose gold is a tinge that you might see rarely on people. The same red undertones are present in this color. We can also find hints of golden blonde in this hair color. The only difference that we can find is in the overtone.

The rich rose gold hair color has a vibrant pink. The more natural and muted shade of pink is absent here. This is an intense color that makes you look bold. This will surely turn some heads.

14. Orange and Rose Gold Hair

This is like pastel orange hair. It is similar to the orange and rose gold hair color. There are however a little bit of difference. The difference is very subtle though and can only be seen if you pay close attention.

This one also has a shimmering finish rather than the neon matte effect of the pastel orange hair color. The blonde and soft combination of pink gives a very soft look to the hair. It gives off a 90’s vibe. It is a gorgeous style that will suit all kinds of face shapes and tones.

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We hope that you have found the perfect hair style for yourself. We tried a lot of different research material to find this perfect combination of different rose gold hair colour styles to present it to you. We hope that you found one according to your own taste and preference.

Thank you for reading this article. It has been more of a fun than a task to write the article. Do recommend this article to your friends and family. Thank you once again for reading this and have a good day!

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