How To Make A Saddle in Minecraft

Rare among “Minecraft” objects, a saddle cannot be produced. You can’t just manufacture a saddle like you can with the Elytra; you’ll have to go out and find one.

It’s a good thing too, because there are numerous sources from which to acquire a saddle. Using one is simple once you have one, though you may need to carry some snacks for the animal you intend to ride.

What follows is a comprehensive guide to the saddle in “Minecraft.” What they are, which gangs you may saddle up, and how to keep them under control once you do.

How To Make A Saddle in Minecraft

What Is a Saddle in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, a saddle is an essential item that enables players to ride and control specific mobs, including horses, pigs, striders, and more.

It is a must-have tool for those looking to explore the vast landscapes of the game on horseback or utilize other rideable creatures for various purposes. Saddle crafting, however, is not possible in Minecraft, and players must rely on alternative methods to obtain this valuable item.

Minecraft: Where to Find a Saddle Guide.

Obtaining a saddle can be done in one of four ways: by trading, fishing, hunting, or even looting.

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Barrels of gold

Treasure boxes containing saddles can be found in dungeons, bastion ruins, desert temples, End cities, jungle temples, Nether fortresses, strongholds, and villages in both Minecraft versions.

The odds of discovering a saddle in a treasure chest are low overall, but they are significantly higher in Nether stronghold chests (35.3 percent), dungeon chests (28.3 percent), and desert temple chests (7.1 percent) (23.5 percent).

To obtain a chest from a Nether citadel, you must first create a Nether Portal out of obsidian. However, dungeon treasures may be discovered in the Overworld by (slowly) digging down until you come to a cave system. The location of dungeons is always near a cave.

Last but not least, you can find desert temples in desert biomes, and their chests will be hidden in a pyramid-shaped room inside the temple. Be wary, though, since a TNT trap lies in wait beside the treasure chests, exploding on contact with both the chests and your feet.


Any body of water can be fished, and sometimes you’ll reel in more than just fish. However, the chances of catching a saddle are fewer than 1% by default.

A “Luck of the Sea” enchantment on your rod will improve your chances of catching something if you’re ready to put in the time and effort. Improve your catch rate and get that saddle quicker with the Tier 3 “Lure” enchantment.

To go fishing, you need only a pole and some liquid. You can use any body of water, whether it’s a natural lake, a pond, a river, the ocean, or even a swimming pool.

Do business with a leather expert.

The Leatherworker in town will gladly make you a saddle in exchange for your emeralds. There might not be any Leatherworkers in the town, but if you set a cauldron in front of an unemployed citizen, you can force them to become one.

Emeralds can be traded for a saddle if you trade with the Leatherworker until they reach the Master level.

The only catch is that they will only offer you this trade 50% of the time if you’re playing the game on the console-friendly “Bedrock” edition.

Take out a Raider

At long last, you can kill a Ravager if you enjoy the rush of a successful hunt. These formidable foes, which look like bulls but are actually more stronger, sometimes accompany pillagers on raids.

Whenever a Ravager dies, it will always leave behind a saddle.

A Tutorial on Uusing The Saddle in The Game “Minecraft”

You can’t go horseback riding unless you get a saddle. Which animal, though, should you choose? Of course, traditional equines like horses, mules, and donkeys are available. If you mount one of these animals until it stops bucking you off, you have successfully tamed it.

The number of times you have to mount it is determined at random. After you’ve tamed them, you can “use” the saddle to adorn their backs. Get the saddle back by mounting the mount and selecting it from your inventory. See, it has its own supply from which you may remove the saddle.

However, several more interesting choices exist, such as pigs and Strider.

Putting a pig in your saddle

If you want a pig’s attention, you should bring it a carrot. The saddle can then be “used” on the pig by equipping it on your hotbar.

Choose the pig and you can hop on. But if you dangle a Carrot on a Stick in front of the pig, it will run in whatever direction you want.

A mounted Strider may be more useful than a pig because it can traverse lava, but riding a pig is still a lot of fun.

Strider riding involves using a saddle.

A relatively recent addition to “Minecraft,” strider mobs can be seen swarming the lava oceans of the Nether. To safely traverse the lava, you should ride a Strider.

The Strider can be enticed in the same way that the pig can be: by offering them a delicacy they covet: twisted fungus.

When the Strider is in range, you can equip the saddle by selecting it from your hot bar and then clicking on it. After getting close enough, use the “use” action to climb the Strider.

You’ll want to have a fishing rod handy so you may fashion a distorted fungus on a stick to use as a walking staff while guiding the Strider.

Don’t grow attached to your pig or Strider if you plan on giving them a saddle, because you’ll have to murder them if you ever want it back.

Where Can You Use a Saddle in Minecraft?

Saddles have several important uses within the game, making them a valuable commodity for players. Here are some common applications of saddles in Minecraft:

  1. Horse Riding: Saddles are primarily used to ride and control horses. Taming a horse and equipping it with a saddle provides players with a fast and efficient means of transportation, allowing them to explore the world more swiftly.
  2. Pig Riding: Saddles can also be used to ride pigs. When mounted on a pig, players can control its movements and use it for leisurely rides or as part of various in-game challenges.
  3. Strider Riding: In the Nether dimension, striders are a unique mob that can be ridden when equipped with a saddle. This allows players to traverse the dangerous Nether landscapes with greater ease.
  4. Decoration: Players often use saddles as decorative items in their builds, adding a touch of authenticity to stables, barns, or themed structures.
  5. Trading: In some Minecraft worlds or servers, players may trade saddles as valuable commodities with other players. A surplus of saddles can be a valuable resource for trade.

Simple methods to Obtain a Saddle in Minecraft

Saddle crafting is not possible within the game, which means players must find alternative ways to obtain this valuable item. Here are three common methods to acquire a saddle in Minecraft:

  1. Dungeon Chests: One of the most reliable ways to find saddles is by exploring dungeons, temples, and bastions. These structures often contain chests that may contain saddles among other valuable loot.
  2. Fishing: Players can also obtain saddles through fishing. When fishing in any body of water, there is a chance that you will reel in a saddle as part of your catch. Be patient, as it may take some time to acquire one through fishing.
  3. Trading with Piglins: In the Nether, players can trade with piglin mobs, who may offer saddles as part of their barter trades. Make sure to have gold ingots for trading with piglins, as they are receptive to this currency.

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In Minecraft, a saddle is an indispensable item that allows players to ride and control specific mobs, enhancing their mobility and gameplay experience.

While saddle crafting is not an option in the game, players can obtain saddles through various means, including exploring dungeons, fishing, and trading with piglins.

Whether you’re embarking on a grand adventure across the Overworld, navigating the treacherous terrain of the Nether, or simply decorating your in-game creations, the saddle plays a crucial role in enhancing your Minecraft experience.

With the knowledge of where to find saddles and how to use them effectively, you can make the most of this valuable tool in the vast and exciting world of Minecraft.

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