How To Make A Bed in Minecraft

The bed is an essential item for any Minecraft survivalist. The benefits of resting in a bed include avoiding the night altogether, resetting your spawn point, and warding off Phantoms.

Making them is simple, but it will require you to get certain crafting materials. The items required are listed below.

Minecraft: Bed Construction Guide

In Minecraft, you need nine wool and nine planks to create a bed.

How To Make A Bed in Minecraft

Sheep are a good resource for wool. Shearing a sheep can net you anywhere from one to three coins, depending on how much wool you manage to get out of it, while killing one will net you one coin. Spider web string can be used to make a single strand of wool by knotting together four individual strands.

If you want to utilise your wool to make a bed, it must all be the same colour. Naturally occurring colours in sheep wool include white, grey, black, brown, and (rarely) pink; to achieve a different hue, you’ll need to treat your fleece with a dye.

Planks can be fashioned from logs, which can be obtained by breaking any tree, and then placing the logs on a crafting table. Four planks can be cut from each log.

Arrange the three pieces of wool and the three planks on your work surface. Arrange the three wool pieces in a horizontal row, and the three wood boards in a vertical row below.

The resulting bed will be a colour similar to the wool you used to make it.

Beds are For What in Minecraft?

Sleeping is vitally important in Minecraft for the same reasons it is in real life.

To begin, Phantoms, horrifying creatures that appear in the sky, will spawn above you if you go three in-game days without sleeping (or dying) and are outside at night or during a rainstorm. They’ll sneak up on you and attack one by one until you pass out or die.

The second is that your bed is your actual house. If you touch a bed, it will become your spawn spot regardless of whether you sleep there or not. What this means is that once you die, you will reappear at that bed.

Going to bed during a storm or at night will reset the weather cycle the next morning. When you have a comfortable place to sleep, nighttime monsters aren’t a concern.

As a final note, beds in The Nether and The End serve a hidden purpose. In either of these dimensions, a bed will explode with the force of a chunk of TNT if you try to put it there. If you aren’t protected by armour, a single blow from it could easily be your last.

While these explosions are typically undesirable, they can have positive effects under the right circumstances. Most speedrunners in Minecraft prefer to use beds to rapidly kill bosses like the Ender Dragon due to the fact that the explosion harms foes as well. It’s exciting only if you succeed, but it’s a great thrill if you do.

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