10 Best Things to Do in Munich, Germany

Munich is a great place for a tour or a visit. If you are planning on a good tour then you need to know the best places for yourself. It is good to do your research beforehand so we are here to educate you on the 10 Best Things to Do in Munich, Germany. Now Munich is the capital of Bavaria if you did not know about this little fact in the first place.

The city has palaces, museums, and many other masterpieces that are included in the city’s landscape. You won’t know where to start. One week is not enough to appreciate the beauty of the city.

Things to Do in Munich

10 Best Things to Do in Munich

So here are the 10 Best Things to Do in Munich, Germany. We have looked through a lot of places and then we have reached this conclusion in the form of a compact list of best places to visit in Munich.

We hope that you go through to the end of the list. We have included different kinds of places so that people with different tastes can also find somewhere to go to.

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1. Munich Residenz

This began as a 14th-century castle dedicated to the monarchs. It is situated in the northern edge of the city. It is now a sublime palace complex with the hot spot of being an attraction of tourists.

Given that the palace is so massive and such beautifully decorated it would be a shame if you did not pay a visit to it when you are in Munich. Over the course of hundreds of years, history has left its mark on the palace. Do not let this opportunity go to waste.

2. Neues Rathaus

You might have seen this on postcards. This is a Gothic revival structure which is actually a town hall. The statues of the first 4 Bavarian kings can be found here. The architecture of this place is wonderful too.

The population of Munich doubled from 1880 to 1900 so this structure had to be expanded too. It was originally built in 1874. The building has about 400 rooms. Playing hide and seek in this building will take days.

3. Englischer Garten

This is another wonderful feature or rather a place in Munich. Now if you look at a map you will be stuck by the size of this park. Created in the 18th century, this oark begins right behind the Munich Residenz and from there it seems to go on and on. There is seemingly no end to it (of course there is but it just feels so).

It is bigger than New York’s Central Park, gaining itself a name of the world’s largest urban park. It expands up to an area of 370 hectares. I would definitely get lost into this park if I do not have a map. In this park are present certain sights like the Japanese tea house, Chinese Tower etc.

4. Marienplatz

This place is always crowded. No matter the season you can always find a ton of people roaming around here, shopping or eating or simply sight seeing. It is a busy place all round the year. This spot has been the center of the city since the 12th century. You are literally standing in the place of history.

There is a Marian column here built in the 17th century. It celebrates the withdrawal of the Swedish troops after the 30 years of war. We recommend that you come in December so that you can get to see the Christmas market in full swing. It is a sight to behold.

5. Pinakothek der Moderne

It is locally known as Dritte. It is a museum and we had to include this in our list. It is a modern art museum and its galleries are stocked with comprehensive art from notable artists of the last 100 years.

There is an Expressionism exhibition which is regarded as the best. You will come across art pieces by Franz Marc, Emil Nolde, Klee and so much more. Even if you don’t know a lot about art, you should still visit the place. It is absolutely mind-blowing.

6. Lenbachhaus

This one is also a museum. Yes, we know but this right here is a place of history that we simply could not ignore. It was built in 1880s and was commissioned by Franz von Lenbach. He was a portrait painter and the building was also named after him. Of course expansion and construction has been done several times.

The museum has a lot of art pieces from famous artists. To name a few – Jenny Holzer, Andy Warhol, August Macke, Franz Marc and so many more. We can go on and on with a bunch of names but we think its better that you go there and explore it yourself.

8. Bavarian National Museum

Yes we included another museum! Yes it is a very important and beautiful place of culture that demands your time. It was inaugurated in 1855 by King Maximillian II. This National museum has over 40 rooms stacked with beautiful pieces of art. Armors, weapons, porcelain, oil painting, and so many other stuff is present here.

The high points are the Bollert collection, the collection of Gothic and Renaissance items. The historicist building also deserves a special mention. You should try to check them all out. It will take more than a day if you want to check them out in detail.

9. Munich National Theatre

This is one of Europe’s top opera houses. It is also the home for the Bavarian State Ballet,  Bavarian State Orchestra, and the Bavarian State Opera. The design was from the time of 1825 but it was destroyed during the war.

It was re built-in 1960. If you could not get the tickets for the opera you can still opt for a tour around the National theatre. It’s a very beautiful place which will leave you spellbound.

10. Viktualienmarkt

This is the city’s food market. It was relocated here in 1807. This is where people do their grocery shopping. They have more than 140 indoor and outdoor shops. You can find anything here. It has fresh selling fruit, vegetables, sausage, cheese, olive oil, special tea, wine etc.

You can almost get anything here. There is a big Biergarten in the center of the market. It is a favourite for the Munich people. You can also buy ready made stuff to munch on. The selection of food here is awesome.

11. Oktoberfest

We are talking about the biggest beer feast here. It has an annual number of seven million people visiting and a consumption of 7.5 million litres of beer. This festival started in 1810 and it is still celebrated today. It goes on for about 3 weeks. There are lots of amusement with games and funfair rides too.

Munich is known for the fest so if you are interested in attending this fest then plan your trip so that it falls alongside the time of this fest. Many people just go to Munich to experience this rush of fun.

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We hope that this article has been useful to you. We tried our best to include all the best places that we could think of. Yes we included 3 museums but if you are in Munich you can not ignore the history stored in the museums.

If you are not so interested in art then of course you can skip it but we found those places very alluring. Hope this article has been of some help to you. Do recommend this article to others if you are happy. Have a great trip to Munich. Have a very good day!

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