11 Best Things to Do in Ann Arbor, Michigan

If you have not heard about this before then let us tell you that Ann Arbor in Michigan is a place that is well known for its performing arts theatres, beautiful parks, and stunning museums. It also has a very popular downtown area which has a good array of shops, restaurants, and cafes.

11 Best Things to Do in Ann Arbor, Michigan

If you are planning a visit to Ann Arbor, Michigan then here are the best things to do while you are there.

1. University of Michigan Museum of Art

This was built as a war memorial in 1909. It is the largest university art museum that you will find in Michigan and it is a great source of attraction. The museum itself is super gorgeous and they boast a collection of about 19,000 items which includes paintings of Pablo Picasso, Kara Walker, Franz Kline, and many more notable artists.

Things to Do in Ann Arbor, Michigan

The museum holds over 150 years of the art collection. The museum offers educational tours to their visitors as well as for their students. If you are feeling like it, you can join in on the workshop.

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2. Matthaei Botanical Gardens & Nichols Arboretum

These are two properties that are handled by the government of Michigan. It is a very beautiful place and as the name suggests they are filled with different kinds of plants and trees. They serve as excellent research grounds as well as a great tourist spot. There are also spots of wildlife and bird watching.

The area covered is pretty huge. They include some native and historic plants too. They have a world-renowned bonsai collection too. Be sure to check that out.

3. Hill Auditorium

The hill auditorium stands in the middle of the University of Michigan campus. It is huge and it the hotspot for many performing arts. It was designed and built-in 1913 by Albert Kahn. It was named in honor of Arthur Hill. It can accommodate up to 3,500 people. So it goes without saying that the place is huge.

This hall has hosted performances by world-renowned artists like Rachmaninoff, Cleveland Orchestra, and Elton John. Make sure to include this in your must-visit places when you come to  Ann Arbor.

4. Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library

This is in the north campus of the University of Michigan. It is one of the 13 Presidential libraries that are kept under the administration of the National Archives and Record Administration. It is an important library that holds all about the life of Gerald Ford the 38th President of the United States Of America.

Other important things that this library holds is the materials regarding the domestic affairs as well as the political affairs during the cold war. A lot of historical and important materials are safely stored here.

5. Yost Ice Arena

It was formerly known as the Fielding H Host Field House. This place is the home of the Michigan ice hockey team that currently plays in the Big Ten Conference. This area has served as the home of Michigan hockey for 40 years. It has around 6,600 people seats.

This is the arena home that has hosted the NCAA hockey tournaments 5 times. It might not seem like much of a place to include in your list if you are not a sports enthusiast, but trust us, it is a place of history too. There is a different vibe about it that you can only feel if you visit that place for once.

6. Leslie Science & Nature Center

It is a natural space or house that has trails, birds of prey, a critter house and so much more. The family of Dr. Eugene donated this space to the site of Ann Arbor in 1976. They asked that the house and land should be used to impart education to children.

The wishes of the donators have been respected because they use this space for school field trips or summer camps. It is a fun space full of learning in the lap of nature. It is a must-visit place on your trip to Ann Arbor.

7. State Street

We know what you are thinking. When we say state street it does not mean that we are literally asking you to go stare at the street. It is actually the shops surrounding the street and also special fairs and stuff that is held on this street. It is a very lively place.

The state street art fair has a lot of artists displaying their art. There are over 300+ art that you can find ranging from all kinds and all types. The place is just bustling with art and creativity. We Absolutely love this spot.

8. Power Center for the Performing Arts

The place is a spot or rather a center for performing arts. This was created by the donations of Eugene and Sadye Power in 1963. It opened in 1971 so you can see that it took quite some time to finish the center. The theatre is modelled after a Greek theatre in the modern classic style.

To say that the architecture of this place is beautiful will be a major understatement. The lobby has a very high ceiling and two spiral staircases. There is also balconies present. The lobby is a special place for weddings too. Picasso’s pieces of art can be found hanging in the lobby.

9. HopCat

This is the country’s top beer pub. Don’t believe us? Google will tell you that IRS a fact and that it has been awarded that name year after year. This is a great spot for gathering with friends and family. The warm feeling atmosphere of this bar makes you feel at home.

The food at this place is also great. They have some great burgers and sandwiches that you must absolutely try. This will leave your belly full and your mind Happy. What more can we ask for? Be sure to go there for a quick bite.

10. Trolley Pub Ann Arbor

This is literally a tour of Ann Arbor. The tour is usually lasting for about 2 hours. If you want a full tour of Ann Arbor then this is it. The tour is eco-friendly so you do not have to worry about causing any harm. It is rented for a number of occasions like birthday parties or company outings.

The trolley can hold up to 14 people and the people are encouraged to bring their own food and drinks. There are also mixer tours where you can book yourself a seat and then get to meet new people.

11. Stonebridge Golf Club

It was designed in 1991 by Arthur Hills. As you have guessed, it is a golf course. It is an 18 hole championship golf course. It is set within beautiful areas with absolutely beautiful landscapes. Both beginners and advanced players can participate in this golf course.

If you are a golf fan or maybe you want to try golfing for the first time then you can go to this place. There is a bar and grille that offers food and beverages so that you don’t have to go golfing on an empty stomach.

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The article is coming to a conclusion now. As promised we have provided you with the best 11 spots that you must visit when you are visiting Ann Arbor. The place holds a lot of history and beautiful side scenes. We hope that this article has been useful to you.

And if you are a first-timer then you will definitely like this collection of spots that we picked for you. Even if you couldn’t visit all of the places, no worries there is always the next time. Thank you so much for reading this article. Have a good day.

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