How To Make TNT in Minecraft

In Minecraft, explosives can be used for both good and evil. TNT has many practical and recreational applications, including digging, defence, and explosion enjoyment. There are two things you’ll need to produce TNT: one of them is easy to get, and the other is dangerous.

Supplies Necessary for Making TNT

Making TNT at a crafting table requires just two simple materials: sand and gunpowder. It takes 4 grains of sand and 5 grains of gunpowder to make 1 block of TNT. Gunpowder should be arranged in a ‘X’ on a workbench, with sand filling in the remaining spaces. Red Sand can stand in for standard Sand if you choose.

How To Make TNT in Minecraft

What Sand Sources Are Available

Places with plenty of water, like by lakes and rivers, tend to have this kind of block. Additionally, it’s widely distributed across the world’s deserts. However, the Badlands are the only place to look for red sand.

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Shovels are the most efficient tool for mining Sand, so make sure you carry a bunch of those with you. Sand is impacted by gravity, so if the block underneath it goes, watch out! A figure can be suffocated if a pillar of sand falls on top of them.

Obtaining Firearms from Gangs

If you’re looking for gunpowder, Creepers are your best bet for obtaining it as a drop. Creepers are the most prevalent source of Gunpowder, however other mobs do drop it as well. That’s why they’re the most efficient source of Gunpowder for your farming needs.

There is a probability that a Creeper will drop between 0 and 2 Gunpowder when it is killed. Witches are yet another overworld monster type known to drop Gunpowder. Witches may drop anything from zero to six rounds of ammunition, although spawning far less frequently than Creepers.

This means that you should engage in combat with every Witch you come across if you are in need of TNT. To protect yourself from the poisonous concoctions that the witches will try to fling at you, keep a Milk Bucket on standby.

The poison can be easily removed by drinking milk, which can be obtained by using a bucket on cows. Ghasts are the most deadly gang to acquire gunpowder from. Like a Creeper, a Ghast’s death might yield anywhere from 0 to 2 Gunpowder.

It can be difficult to retrieve the Gunpowder after fighting a Ghast due to its vast range of attack, especially if it was in the air over one of the Nether’s lava lakes. Emeralds can also be used to purchase Gunpowder from the itinerant merchants.

Don’t rely on Wandering Traders for your TNT requirements because they are difficult to discover and might not provide the Gunpowder trade option.

The Best Places to Look for Explosives in Machine-Generated Buildings

Gunpowder can also be discovered in the chests of many procedurally created buildings. However, the availability and the potential for discovery vary widely.

The Type of Structure

The Possible Quantity of Gunpowder The Odds of Finding Gunpowder in a Chest

Desert Temple

1 to 8 59%

Woodland Mansion

1 to 8


Dungeon 1 to 8


Shipwreck 1 to 5


Where to Look for TNT in Generator-generated Buildings

In some buildings, you can find uncut blocks of TNT if you’d rather not have to make any of it. Explosive TNT may be dug out with a bare hand or a pickaxe. Breaking visible TNT when mining won’t cause it to explode, thus there’s no need to be cautious.

However, be aware with TNT, as it is frequently employed in traps and might easily be concealed. A Buried Treasure Chest can yield anywhere from one to two TNT blocks, with an occurrence rate of 62.7% in the Java Edition and 34.3% in the Bedrock Edition. In addition, shipwreck chests have a 7.5% chance of containing one or two TNT blocks.

Two chunks of TNT have been placed as a trap in Woodland Mansions, one on either side of a Chest in a secret room. You and the Chest will both explode if you open it before you’ve mined the TNT.

For the most part, blocks of TNT may be found in the traps of Desert Pyramids (sometimes called Desert Temples), with each of these structures having access to 9 blocks of TNT in total. A Desert Pyramid’s innermost room will have Wool bricks of various hues set into the floor. Keep away, since there’s a deep pit lined with booby-trapped TNT below your feet.

Digging down carefully will yield the Chests and TNT at the bottom of the pit. Avoid the TNT explosion by digging away from the Wool blocks toward the bottom of the pit, where the Pressure Plates are located. When you get to the base, you can keep an eye on the Pressure Plates and carefully take them off.

What You Need to Know About TNT

It is necessary to put and prime a block of TNT before using it. A block of TNT can be placed just like any other block object. If you drop it and then decide you don’t like where it landed, you can pick it back up by breaking it with your bare hands or a tool that doesn’t involve fire.

The process of priming a TNT block can be done in a variety of ways. Making use of fire is the simplest and most typical approach, although there are alternatives. The TNT can no longer be picked up after it has been primed; it has transformed from a block into an independent entity. When a TNT block is ready to go off, it will flash white for a few seconds before going off.

Prime TNT Any Which Way You Like

  1. Explosives can be manually primed with flint and steel.
  2. You can prime TNT by firing a Flame Charge at it.
  3. TNT can be primed by being struck with a tool enchanted with the Fire Aspect spell.
  4. Sending a signal through a Redstone circuit can be used to set off TNT.
  5. Priming TNT by shooting it with a flaming arrow
  6. TNT can be primed by being struck by the flaming strikes of Ghasts and Blazes.
  7. Primed TNT is what happens when you get hit by the Wither’s exploding skull assault.
  8. Any touch with heat, such as from fire or lava, may cause TNT to go off.
  9. TNT can be primed by being exposed to an explosion.
  10. By releasing a TNT charge from a Dispenser, one can prime the device.
  11. When struck by lightning, TNT is ready to go off.
  12. Primed TNT is ready to explode when triggered by a trap mechanism.

The Possible Uses of TNT

Using the materials listed in the name, you can make a Minecart that can be used to transport TNT. Create an explosive Minecart by combining a Minecart and a block of TNT at a Crafting Table.

As a devastating mining method or even an attack against foes, this object can be sent along some railroads.

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Safeguarding against TNT

To prevent your character’s untimely demise, it’s important to have a plan in place for handling TNT safely. Wearing armour enchanted with Blast Resistance is the most passive approach to protect yourself from the effects of a TNT explosion.

Not only that, but water considerably mitigates the destructive potential of TNT explosions. Having as little as one water block between you and the explosion location can greatly lessen the damage you incur.

Weirdly, TNT blocks placed on top of fence posts will fall right through them when primed, and the resulting explosion will be contained within the fence post itself. This is perhaps because the TNT is no longer a solid block but rather an individual that can squeeze through the openings in the fence.

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