How To Make An End Portal in Minecraft

Creative Mode is required to construct an End Portal in Minecraft. There is no way to acquire the necessary components when playing in Survival Mode.

What Is an End Portal in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, an End Portal is a rare and mystical structure that serves as a gateway to the End dimension, a mysterious realm inhabited by the formidable Ender Dragon and littered with End Cities and valuable loot.

End Portals are constructed from End Portal Frames, and they provide access to the game’s ultimate challenges and rewards.

Need to Know Before Attempting a Creative-Mode “End Portal”

Searching for “End Portal Frame” in the menu while in Creative Mode will bring up the End Portal’s individual parts. Each end portal frame is an opaque cube that is green on one side and pale yellow on the other, with a circular opening on top.

How To Make An End Portal in Minecraft

An End Portal Frame has a place for an Eye of Ender. When all of the End Portal’s slots are full of Eyes of Ender, the portal will open to reveal an empty black room. Once you step inside this pitch-black corridor made of End Portal blocks, you’ll be sent to the final destination.

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Dimensions and Form of a Closing Portal

A total of 12 End Portal Frames are required to construct an actual End Portal. Create the perimeter of a 3×3-block square using all 12 available building blocks. This structure is only effective when laid out horizontally; constructing a square outline in the vertical plane will not result in a functional End Portal.

Characteristics of Terminal Portal Structures

  • Like Bedrock, End Portal Frames cannot be damaged while in Survival Mode.
  • Whenever there is no portal in an End Portal Frame, a 0 is sent out via redstone.
  • A Redstone signal of 15 will be sent, however, from an End Portal Frame with an Eye of Ender installed.
  • Framing devices for exit portals give out a faint glow (light level 2)
  • It is not possible to use pistons or sticky pistons to relocate the end portal frames.
  • Recipes for making End Portal Frames do not exist.

Finding the Final Exit Portal in Endurance Mode

In order to locate an End Portal, you will require the assistance of the Eyes of Ender. You can use the Eye of Ender to make the green disc disappear when you have it in your possession. Following its sluggish flight path will lead you to the closest End Portal in the current chunk.

Discarded Eyes of Ender fall to the earth instead of rising into the sky if an End Portal is nearby. This indicates the presence of an End Portal below you, therefore you should begin digging immediately. After being utilised, the Eye of Ender has a 20% chance of fracturing.

The Best Places to Establish Your Stronghold

There is a significantly increased likelihood of discovering a Stronghold beneath a Village or other structure associated with Villagers. A Stronghold can also appear unexpectedly beneath otherwise inconspicuous buildings, such as remote fishing shacks or barns. If you have the Eyes of Ender, you should begin your search for an End Portal here.

Making an Ender’s Eye

There are 2 ingredients required to manufacture 1 Eye of Ender: 1 Ender Pearl and 1 Blaze Powder. The Blaze Powder should go to the right of the Ender Pearl on any crafting grid.

Tips for Acquiring Ender Pearls

Each time you kill an Enderman, you’ll have a one-in-two chance of receiving an Ender Pearl as a drop. Ender Pearls are also a rare drop from Stronghold Treasure Chests. But since you need many more Eyes of Ender to locate a Stronghold, this isn’t really helpful.

Although Endermen could be farmed for their pearls, trade is also a viable option. 66 percent of Expert-level Cleric Villagers in the Java Edition will offer to trade you 1 Ender Pearl for 5 Emeralds. With being said, in the Bedrock Edition of the game, Cleric Villagers of Expert level will always have access to this trade option.

Piglins, intriguingly, can on occasion also provide Ender Pearls. When you trade one Gold Ingot for two to four Ender Pearls with a Piglin, the return rate is 2.18 percent.

Methods for Preserving Ender’s Eyes

Pick a better starting position for your search for an End Portal if you don’t want to sift through several Eyes of Ender. Only in Strongholds may one find an End Portal. Although strongholds can appear anywhere, they are more likely to appear under certain surface features.

Where Can You Find and Use an End Portal in Minecraft?

End Portals are not naturally occurring structures and must be created by players through a specific process. Here’s a detailed overview of where you can find and use an End Portal:

  1. Strongholds: End Portals are located within the strongholds, which are underground structures scattered throughout the Overworld. Strongholds are identifiable by their stone brick architecture and the presence of various rooms and corridors.
  2. Eye of Enders: To activate an End Portal, players need to collect and use Eye of Enders, which are crafted using Blaze Powder and Ender Pearls. Eye of Enders can also be looted from dungeon chests, temples, and trading with Piglins in the Nether.
  3. Inserting Eye of Enders: To activate an End Portal, players must insert Eye of Enders into the End Portal Frames found within strongholds. Each End Portal Frame has an empty slot for the Eye of Ender.
  4. Completing the Portal: Players need to insert Eyes of Enders into all the End Portal Frames within the stronghold to complete the portal. Once all slots are filled, the portal activates with a distinct appearance.
  5. Entering the End Dimension: After activating the End Portal, players can jump into it to be transported to the End dimension. Here, they will face the formidable Ender Dragon and explore the unique landscape.

Some Methods to Activate an End Portal in Minecraft

Creating and activating an End Portal in Minecraft is a multi-step process. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Find a Stronghold

Locate a stronghold by using Eye of Enders. Equip the Eye of Ender and right-click to throw it. It will travel in the direction of the nearest stronghold, making it easier for you to locate.

Step 2: Enter the Stronghold

Explore the stronghold to find the End Portal Room. This room contains the End Portal Frames and is easily distinguishable by its unique design.

Step 3: Insert Eye of Enders

Stand in front of each End Portal Frame and right-click to insert Eye of Enders. Continue this process until all the frames have Eyes of Enders inserted. The portal will begin to activate, emitting a distinctive purple glow.

Step 4: Activate the Portal

Once all the frames are filled, the End Portal will be fully activated and ready for use. Walk into the portal to be transported to the End dimension.

Facing the Ender Dragon

Upon entering the End dimension, players will find themselves in an open area with the Ender Dragon circling overhead. Defeating the Ender Dragon is the primary objective in the End dimension, and it is a challenging battle that requires careful preparation and strategy.

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In Minecraft, the End Portal serves as a gateway to the mysterious End dimension, home to the formidable Ender Dragon and numerous rewards, including valuable loot and the ability to collect End Crystals.

Crafting and activating an End Portal is a complex process that involves exploring strongholds, gathering Eye of Enders, and strategically inserting them into the End Portal Frames.

Once activated, the End Portal provides players with a thrilling and challenging adventure that awaits in the enigmatic End dimension. With this guide, you can confidently embark on your journey to confront the Ender Dragon and uncover the secrets of the End.

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