Everything You Need To Know About Black Heads

The fact is that we all know what blackhead is. We totally did not watch the blackhead removing video just before writing this article. Totally not. So blackheads are kind of a skin lesion that appears on the neck and face of some people. It is said that they are the effect of some kind of acne, however, blackheads can appear without any sign of visible acne too.

Many people who do not have acne, seem to have blackheads. The blackheads contain an oxidized version of the melanin present in our skin (the dark color pigment that gives color to our skin). You should know that they are not made up of dust as the common saying goes.

Black Heads

It is also said that squeezing or scrubbing your blackheads can make them worse. We know it’s satisfying but trust us, you are not helping the situation. Blackheads also tend to appear when there is an increase in hormones or an increase in the production of sebum in your skin. You need to avoid oily skin products in case of blackheads.

You should avoid a humid environment. Also, avoid wearing tight clothes. So let’s get into an in-depth description of what blackheads actually are and what causes it.

We are also going to include the symptoms and diagnosis of blackheads so that you can be so sure that what you are dealing with is actually blackheads only and not some other skin condition.

We have also included some Dos and Don’ts in this article. So without any further ado let’s get started.

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What are BlackHeads?

We can simply say that blackheads are a type of Comedo. What is that? Comedones occur when the skin pores on your face become plugged up by dead skin cells and sebum. The hair grows out of the follicles and through the pores. The sebaceous glands lying underneath it produces sebum.

The sebum and the dead skin cells plug up the pores. The plugged up pore appears black. Why does this happen? That happens because the dead skin cells expose to the surface reads with oxygen in the atmosphere and turn black. This causes the formation of blackheads.

Some people think that this happens due to trapped dirt but the cleanliness of the skin has nothing to do with blackheads. Generally, other acne lesions are usually closed but the blackheads are open around the pore. It allows air to get in which oxidizes the trapped sebum and the dead skin cells.

This causes it to get black. Blackheads mainly appear on the face, back, neck, chest, arms, and shoulders. This happens because there is there are more hair follicles in this area.


Some factors cause the creation of blackheads. Among them, age and hormones are a major factor. During puberty when there is a spike in the hormone level, more sebum is produced and blackheads are formed too. This can also happen in other ages too. It is not that the blackheads only appear during puberty, although it is more severe during puberty.

Androgen, the male sex hormone triggers the greater secretion of sebum around the skin. This also leads to more turnover of the cells which creates more dead cells. Time of puberty is a time when both boys and girls are said to have high androgen levels.

After puberty hormones related to mensuration, pregnancy, and use of birth control pills can also trigger blackheads in people. It can also be caused by the overproduction of cells in your body. It is believed that there are other factors too. We have included them below–

1. High humidity in the environment.

2. Heavy sweating.

3. This removes the hair and opens the hair follicles.

4. Blocking the pores of the skin by clothes or cosmetics.

5. Use of steroid-based drugs.

6. The medication that induces faster skin cell turnover.

7. Some health conditions like stress, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and premenstrual syndrome.

Please remember that dirt does not cause blackheads so excessive scrubbing or squeezing out your blackheads is not a good idea. This can make the situation worse so avoid doing them.


The most common and prominent symptom is the darkened skin lesions that give it the name of blackheads. Blackheads are a symptom of acne but they are open around the skin, unlike acne. This makes the skin look spotted. It is non-inflammatory, unlike acne. This means that there is no infection there.

This will not cause any discomfort or pain like acne. The blackheads have a raised effect. However, they are flatter than acne. It has been a cause of embarrassment for some people out in the public. This happens to a lot of people.

However, you must know about sebaceous filaments that some people confuse for blackheads. When we said that you need to know what you are dealing with we meant that you need to distinguish between the blackheads and the sebaceous filaments. The sebaceous filaments look like blackheads but they are different.

They are smaller and they tend to appear in groups. They are not raised like blackheads. They are flat to touch. They are not a form of acne, unlike blackheads. They are also present on the skin. They are actually glands that channel the flow of sebum around the skin. It is an important part of the skin.


Well, you will never hear of someone who went to the doctor just because They had blackheads. Unless and until it is very severe, this does not cause for concern. Like we said that this one is not infected so it will not cause you pain or discomfort. The only concern is the outward look.

If some people have acne and on top of that blackheads appear then they need to go to a doctor. However, most people know what blackheads are and try to treat them at home itself.

Do’s and Don’ts

In the United States, there are 50 million people who are affected by blackheads. If they are treated correctly then this can even help with the prevention of acne but most people do not know what to do and they end up doing something wrong which makes the situation even worse than before.

So here are a few Dos and Don’ts that you can follow while dealing with blackheads. Actually, these are the rules that you MUST follow.

There are certain myths about blackheads that you need to avoid at all costs. Let’s us start with the do’s and then we will move to the don’ts.

Do’s for BlackHeads

1. Cleansing- It is okay to scrub your skin with a gentle exfoliator. Make sure that you get something that does not make your skin too dry or too oily. There must be a balance in between. Various products are available online. You can take your pick. It is important to dry your skin but over-drying it is not going to help.

2. Make-up and Cosmetics- It helps if you go for products that do not clog your skin pores. The brands are available in the market that offers cosmetics that are specifically designed to prevent the blockage of pores.

3. Food- It is not specifically said that cutting down on chocolate will reduce your blackheads but eating a balanced diet with proper nutrients is important to prevent acne as well as blackheads.

4. Rest and Relaxation- It is important to get proper rest. In case you do not rest well then your sebum production will be increased and as a result of that you are going to get blackheads.

5. Underlying condition- If you have skin problems then you should treat that first before treating your blackheads. The skin problems that are already pre-existing or more severe should be treated first.

Don’ts for BlackHeads

1. Squeezing- While it may sound good, avoid squeezing out your blackheads because that can irritate the skin and makes the situation worse.

2. Scrubbing- Excessive scrubbing is not useful. It removes the sebum from the skin and makes the sebaceous glands work even harder to produce more sebum. This leads to more blockage and blackheads.

3. Steaming- A simple bath is said to open up the pores and help with the blackheads but it has not been proven and some people find that it worsens the situation.

4. Removers- Removing vacuum, masks, sheets, and scrubs should be used with caution since they can irritate the skin.

5. Makeup and Cosmetics- You should avoid oily makeup and cosmetics at all costs. The oil can cause blockage and lead to a more aggravated situation.

6. Hydrogen Peroxide- It is recommended as a treatment for acne but if you use it as a treatment for blackheads then the results won’t be good.

The hydrogen peroxide dries your skin and then excessive drying of the skin can lead to the formation of more blackheads. This is not a proven formula so we recommend that you do not use this. This can lead to more problems due to the aggravated situation.

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We hope that you have had a good time reading this article and that you have got to know about blackheads in depth. Hopefully, if you are someone who faces the problem of blackheads have taken some knowledge from this article.

If it bothers you so much then there are blackhead removal treatments available. They are pricy though so keep that in mind.

And please do not squeeze your blackheads. It literally damages your skin and causes irritation. Hopefully, look at the do’s and don’t’s and you will know what to do. Thank you for reading this article.

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