Application Error ‘0xC0000005’ In Windows 10, 8 And 7

Several users have reported Error 0xc0000005 in the Application Error 0xc0000005. Windows is, without a doubt, an excellent operating system that has remained at the top of the OS list for a long time. It runs smoothly and executes all commands given to it by its users.

For decades, it has been able to consistently give satisfactory results. Without a doubt, Windows is one of the most dependable and trustworthy operating systems ever created.

Despite its exceptional performance and long-term benefits, Windows is, after all, a man’s brainchild. It, like all operating systems, is prone to faults left, right, and centre. Each and every error message that displays on your screen has a specific cause.



It’s a sign that it’s time to get your computer fixed. Ignoring faults is never a good idea because it will just cause you more troubles in the future. As a result, it is usually advisable to get rid of them while you still have the opportunity.

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The application error 0xc0000005 is one such problem that many users have faced. This is a pretty common problem that has been reported numerous times in the past. The most common cause of this problem is your computer’s inability to run a specific software or installation by processing the precise settings and essential files.

This error code, if not addressed promptly, might result in more serious consequences such as insufficient RAM, corrupt files, improper settings, and so on.

How to Resolve an Error in an Application 0xc0000005

Now that we know what problems this error might cause, it’s even more crucial to fix it while you still have the chance. The following are some strategies you can use to prevent the 0xc0000005 pop up from appearing:

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Method 1: Put a stop to DEP (Data Execution Prevention)

DEP (Data Execution Prevention) is a set of security mechanisms used by Microsoft. It prohibits non-executable discs and memory regions from executing code. In an ideal world, this would be a highly valuable computer feature, but in this situation, it could very well be the source of the error. There are a few actions you can take to disable DEP, which are listed below:

Step 1- To open the Run Command, press the Windows key and ‘R’ at the same time.

Step 2 – Type the keyword “sysdm.cpl” into the empty field and press Enter.

Step 3 – This will lead you to your computer’s System Properties. Select the ‘Advanced’ tab, then the ‘Settings’ button.

Step 4 – You’ll be routed to a Performance Options screen. Select the ‘Data Execution Prevention’ tab from the drop-down menu.

Step 5 – You’ll find an option under the tab that says “Turn on DEP for all services and programmes except those I select.” Click on ‘Add’ after checking the small circle next to it.

Step 6 – Now look for and open the application that caused the issue.

Step 7 – To save your changes, click ‘Apply’ and then ‘OK’ when you’re finished.

This is, in theory, one of the simplest and most effective solutions to your problem. If, for some reason, this technique does not work on your computer, you will need to contact the developer’s team to have the software changed to an authenticated version.

Method 2: Refurbishing Windows

Next, you might want to consider refinishing your windows. Normally, updating your operating system to a newer version can solve the problem, however the ‘Windows Update Not Working’ issue is very likely to occur. Renovating, on the other hand, is a better alternative. The steps are as follows:

Step 1- In File Explorer, right-click on ‘This PC’ and select ‘Properties.’

Step 2 – Click the ‘Advanced System Setting’ button in the upper left corner of your window.

Step 3 – Select the ‘System Protection’ and ‘System Restore’ tabs.

Step 4 – You will now be directed to a screen that contains instructions. After that, choose a Restoration Point from the options. Wait a while after you’ve finished and let it work its magic.

Method 3: Eradication of Bad RAM Memory

In many circumstances, faulty RAM memory is the root of the 0xc0000005 application problem. If buying fresh RAM doesn’t help, your machine is probably suffering from the domino effect. In this situation, do the following steps to get rid of it:

Step 1 – Before you start the process, ensure sure your computer is free of any external devices or cords. If it’s a laptop, remove the battery right away.

Step 2 – Begin by turning off your computer.

Step 3 – Pull out the newly installed RAM from the backside.

Step 4 – Restart your computer to see whether the error persists.

Method 4: Setting up or Repairing Registries

Let’s move on to the last item on the list. The registries on your computer are critical for keeping information on software, hardware, programmes, and apps, among other things.

When a significant number of hefty downloads are combined with uninstallations or incomplete installations, these registries can become corrupted, resulting in the error. Follow the procedures below to restore them to their previous state while also eliminating the error:

Step 1 – To get started with this method, you’ll need to download the CCleaner software.

Step 2- Run the programme when it has been installed.

Step 3 – Go to ‘Registry’ on the far left panel and select ‘Scan for problems.’

Step 4 – The search for corrupted registries will begin now. Allow the software to perform its scan.

Step 5 – Once you’ve finished, select ‘Fix Selected Issues’ to correct all of your computer’s problematic registers. Close the application and restart your computer once it has been resolved.

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You should have been able to remove the 0xc0000005 error code from your computer by now. If not, you should consult a formal operator to determine the source of the problem.

In many circumstances, the error might also be caused by a problem with the system’s hardware. Make sure to get rid of it before it causes more difficulties on your computer. Thanks for read the our Fully 0xC0000005 Article.

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